How It Works

Start every month with a peace of mind. Our period care package is delivered directly to your door monthly.

We deliver discreetly and reliably, so you have less stress and more confidence. Our period subscription service gives you options and support while caring for your body!

Period Subscription Box includes:

✓ ALWAYS Flexfoam Pads
✓ Tampax Tampons
✓ Hygiene wipes
✓ Panty liners
✓ On the go bags (with first order only)
✓ Plus many, many more monthly surprise gifts

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  • Peace of Mind

    We believe your period shouldn’t stop you from doing, being, and going. Why worry about whether or not you purchased your pads/tampons when CykleTime can take care of that for you?

  • First Period Kit

    You can also purchase our “First Period Kit” to assist with the possibility of starting your “Cykle” while away from home. This will help with their transition into puberty. All the necessary essentials will come with a small discreet carry bag to make sure this process is as smooth and convenient as possible. 

  • We Ship Nationwide

    Whether you live in New York or California, we’ll deliver right to your door! Don’t wait until your next menstrual cycle to wish you already had a box — customers nationwide love and trust our service to deliver better period days, and you can too!

What Members Say About Cykle Time

I'm a mother that has so many things on my plate. Having the convenience of my essentials delivered to my door makes things so much easier.

- Andrea

I'm at the grocery stores numerous times during the week, and for some reason the items needed for my period never make the list. By just taking a few moments to register through the website my items are delivered at the same time every month. It alleviates the uncertainty of if I have what's needed when my period has started.

- Laina

My 12 year old daughter started her period last month and thanks to CykleTime I already had her "First Period Kit" in her backpack and now on her own subscription.

- Helen

I've recommended CykleTime to everyone because it's necessary. I would be crazy not to let my friends and family know about this added service that's made just for women.

- Marry