Cykle Time. Founded by a woman, for women.

CykleTime was founded by Laila Smith, a wife, mom, beauty connoisseur, professional sales woman and entrepreneur. 

In 2013 with three kids under the age of 10, a new born and years of experience working in corporate America, she decided it was the small things that matter most — including the small things like our own personal feminine needs that are often forgotten or overlooked. So she decided to create a brand that would solve this small but big problem.

As a mom of two young girls approaching puberty, Laila knows first-hand how challenging and demanding this time can be. This is why she has created a brand that will cater to all women and give them peace of mind during their most important time of the month.

“My goal is with CykleTime’s success we can bring awareness to prioritizing women’s health, menstrual equity and contribute to end period poverty around the world by collaborating with other organizations.” – LS

Laila is a member of The International Women Project and passionate about their purpose of empowering each woman with the ability to be more agile about her purpose and live a fulfilling life through giving, educating minds, changing hearts and inspiring others to make a difference.
The group works in hospitals, financial industries, goverment sectors, private sectors, universities, colleges and service industries. They're an avid supporter of local hospitals in the community and donates school supplies to children in Liberia, Africa.

Laila is also working alongside R.E.A.L Women Ministry whose mission is to restore and empower young women who are less fortunate in the community through educational training, mentorships, social services and teaching basic life skills.

"My goal is to donate to these two charities and many more in the future, while working on the common goal for a better world. Because each of us can make a difference." -LS

Who We Are

CykleTime is focused on providing a discreet, reliable monthly cycle period subscription box to deliver supplies right to your door before you need them.

Avoid the panic of whether or not you remembered to re-stock supplies, knowing your period subscription box has got you covered.

Whether it’s your first period or fifty-first, whether you prefer tampons or pads or often use both, CykleTime is here with the right options for you.

We believe it’s important to feel special and loved during that time of the month, too, so we take care to include a special treat in each period kit box to bring some comfort your way.

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